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Soft & elegantly slender with a light “nut” notes

Exceptionally fragrant, Basmati rice originates from the Punjab region, irrigated by Himalayan mountain waters on the borders of India and Pakistan, where it has been cultivated for centuries. Our beautiful and elegant white grain has a delicious and slightly nutty flavour.

Available formats: 900G & 2KG

Tips and tricks

  • Add fresh lime zest and a dab of butter to the cooked Basmati rice, delicious!
  • Basmati means ‘fragrant’ in Hindi.
  • Pilaf or Pilau, Pulao, Pellao - The Middle East and India’s major contribution to world cuisine are dishes where basmati rice is cooked in flavoured stock with seasonings for wonderful full flavoured dishes.


Slightly chewy with a wholesome flavour

Brown Rice is a natural whole grain; retaining nutrients in the bran and germ layers. Cooked, its separate grains are dense, with a bit of ‘chew’ and amazing wholesome flavour.

Available format: 900G

Tips and tricks

  • Try substituting vegetable, chicken or beef broth for water as the cooking liquid for any rice.
  • Store Brown rice in a glass jar in your fridge, it will lengthen its shelf-life.
  • Why does Brown rice go rancid? The oil in the brown bran layer of the rice begins to decompose if it has both an unpleasant smell and taste then the rice should be discarded.

Brown Basmati

Whole grain natural richness with an exquisite aroma

Our whole grain Brown Basmati retains its nutritious bran layer and germ; it’s naturally nutty in flavour. The famous exquisite Basmati aroma and delicious separate cooked grains make it a favourite.

Available format: 900G

Tips and tricks

  • Myth: Soaking Basmati, brown or white, will not produce longer cooked grains.
  • Cooking rice is not a perfect science, unless you use a rice cooker! Evaporation method results are easy if you use a heavy bottomed pot and have a low simmer on your cooktop, don’t be afraid to taste test for perfect ‘doneness’.


Pearly white and delicately fragrant

Our pearly white Jasmine has a lovely subtle flavour to accompany your savoury dishes. The tender long grains are cultivated in South East Asia and release a rich, appetizing and floral aroma as they cook.

Available formats: 900G & 2KG

Tips and tricks

  • Try substituting the cooking water for coconut milk or coconut water, or add herbs to the cooking water.
  • The tradition of showering newlyweds with rice ? It actually came from an Ancient Roman marriage blessing meaning ‘go forth and multiply.’
  • No need to pre-wash Dainty rices, our mill cleans and removes any foreign material from the rice imported for you.

Time-Wise™ brown

Cooks like pasta!

Our Time-Wise™ Whole Grain Brown Rice is gently pre-cooked to bring you time-saving convenience without any sacrifice of taste, nutritional value, or quality. It cooks in just 15 minutes, one third of the time of regular brown rice, and you can cook it like pasta!

Available format: 900G

Tips and tricks

  • Time-Wise™ Brown is a time saver, no loss of nutrients nor taste!
  • Rice is naturally gluten free, cholesterol free, sodium free and contains only a trace of fat.
  • You can actually cook any rice like pasta, you just need to test it for the desired tenderness.

Long Grain & Wild Rice

Distinctive blend with a natural woodsy flavour

Our special blend combines full bodied natural and woodsy flavoured wild rice with the comforting aroma and taste of premium parboiled rice; a happy and successful marriage.

Available format: 450G

Tips and tricks

  • Wild rice is a pseudo-grain, an aquatic grass seed that grows in fresh water in the Northern regions of North America.
  • Long & Wild is great in any stuffing mix and jazzes up any simple meal.
  • Any rice likes to be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Victoria, BC. rice mill, 1895
  • Facility in Windsor, Ontario, upon completion 1967
  • First mill on the Lachine canal, Montreal 1882

Dainty expertise

Sourcing the best rice since 1882

Mount Royal Rice Mills was founded in Montreal in 1882, on the edge of the Lachine canal, by Robert Reford, an Irish immigrant. Reford adventurously sourced rice in the Orient, South East Asia, Europe and South America. The DAINTY Brand was created for the post-war consumer in 1947. Loyal to its origins, Dainty provides consumers with simple and easy steps to prepare a wide variety of rices, and visually guides you to travel to the origins of these rices, sourced all over the world.

Victoria, BC. rice mill, 1895