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Herb Roasted Salmon





Rice used

Dainty Royal Rice

Canadian ingredients to celebrate Dainty’s 135th


6 x 150g Salmon fillets with skin, ideally wild or organic
1 Tbsp/15ml ground fennel seeds
3/4 cup/175 ml chopped fresh herbs, mixed (dill, tarragon, parsley, basil)
1 Cup/250 ml Dainty Royal Rice
1 Cup/250 ml brown lentils, rinsed
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 small onion, halved & skinned
1 celery stalk, diced
½ cup/125 ml dried cranberries
1 carrot, peeled and grated
2 handfuls of salad greens (arugula or baby spinach)
1 Tbsp/15 ml Red wine or sherry vinegar
1 Tbsp/15 ml lemon juice
1 Tsp/5 ml grainy mustard
1 Tbsp/15 ml maple syrup
1 garlic clove, pureed
1 garlic clove, pureed


Preheat oven to 325F / 160C
Place the Salmon, skin side down, on a lined baking sheet. Season with salt & pepper. Sprinkle with fennel seeds and 2 Tbsp/30 ml mixed herbs. Bake 25-35 mins.
Cook 1 cup Dainty Royal rice according to package directions.
Bring a medium pot of water to a boil, add lentils, garlic and onion. Simmer 20 mins, until tender. Drain, remove garlic and onion.
In a large mixing bowl place the cooked rice, lentils, celery, cranberries, carrot, greens and remaining herbs.
In a small bowl combine the vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, maple syrup and garlic. Whisk and slowly drizzle in the olive oil.
Add the dressing (except reserve a couple of tablespoons for the fish) to the large mixing bowl and toss the rice salad, season with salt and pepper.
To Serve, place a portion of rice salad in the center of the plate. Top with a portion of fish and drizzle with a bit of reserved dressing.