Brown Basmati

Our whole grain Brown Basmati retains its nutritious bran layer and germ; it’s naturally nutty in flavour. The famous exquisite Basmati aroma and delicious separate cooked grains make it a favourite.

Available in 900g.

25 cooking-time-25-min


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Cooking Ratio

1 Rice: 2 Water

Grain Type

Long wholegrain aromatic rice.

Ideal for

Fish and chicken dishes, curries, stir-fry's or salads.


Slightly spicy, with a warm wood aroma. The word Basmati means 'fragrant' in Hindi.


Wholesome & nutty.


Soft & fluffy, with perfectly separated grains.


Elegant, long, brown, & slender grains, which remain separate once cooked.

What is it?

Brown Basmati is a long wholegrain rice which has had only its husk removed. As such, Brown Basmati rice retains its bran and germ layer, keeping its brown colour and whole grain nutrients.


Himalayan foothills bordering Pakistan & India.


Pre-soaking Brown Basmati will not elongate the grain further than just cooking.

  • non-gmo
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  • Gluten free rice

Nutritional Information

Glycemic Index

Low 50's, Brown Basmati is known to have a lower GI than regular brown rice.

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