Our pearly white Jasmine has a lovely subtle flavour to accompany your savory dishes. The tender long grains are cultivated in Southeast Asia and release a rich, appetizing and floral aroma as they cook.

Available in 900g, 1.6 Kg and 450g.

15 cooking-time-15-min


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Cooking Ratio

1 Rice: 2 Water (For a drier cooked jasmine try 1 Rice: 1.5 Water ratio)

Grain Type

A long, pearly white grain.

Ideal for

Stir-fry’s, Thai curry's, grilled fish and any other Asian inspired dishes.


An appetizing aroma, with subtle floral hints. The fragrance is produced from natural aromatic oil within the rice.


Slightly sweet.


Tender, slight stickiness & melts in the mouth.


Pearly white like the Jasmine flower. The pure white colour remains even once cooked.


South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos).

  • non-gmo
  • DAINTY LOGO Proudly Canadian bilingue
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  • Gluten free rice

Nutritional Information

Glycemic Index

70's (High)

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